22 thoughts on “A Portrait Of The Mother By A Young Child

  1. Hmm, the jauntiness of the promised cat’s bung, but with the subtle piquancy of projected self-loathing.

    Most excellent indeed, Aunt Becky.

  2. In all seriousness, it is a HUGE accomplishment to draw a person as a circle with dots for eyes and nose and a line for a mouth. Many kids don’t do this in preschool. Yay for baby genius Amelia!

  3. The other day my 6 year old said to me (as I dressed up for a formal dinner) “Mom…even though you don’t look pretty all the time, I still think you are beautiful.” I know what she was trying to say but still….

  4. Don’t feel bad, when my son was 5 he drew a picture of my ex, naked, the teacher told him ‘we only draw people with clothes on at school’. Then he drew me. With a mustache.

  5. My 4-year-old doesn’t know how to write very many words, so when she showed me what she wrote her “journal” I sobbed like a baby. It read, “MOM, I (a heart) U. Then she wrote her name. Pure, innocent love.

  6. True Story:

    My daughter is instructed to draw her parent doing what they love to do. She draws a picture of me on stage singing because it’s what I do.

    Teacher tells her that everyone wishes their parents were rock stars but to draw me doing something I really do.

    My kid: “that is what she does. She’s a singer”

    Yay! My kid is the best!

    Teacher: “Sure sweetie, why don’t you draw her reading or something?”

    My kid: “She doesn’t know how to read”

    Um… Thanks kid.

  7. Mz AmeliaPrincessoftheBells….she’s amazing! That picture emanates LOVE. of course it’s you!

  8. I have to admit, she’s got an eye for art that most kids her age wouldn’t EVER have..

    I mean, to know that we are all cells, and is just drawing you in your most basic form is AMAZING!

    Of course, knowing that you’re an amoeba instead of a “regular” protozoa is kind of scary, but then again we’re all different!!

  9. Aw!
    The first picture of a person my daughter drew was a GIANT blobby thing with 4 legs/arms and a tiny little circle with blond hair(?). I asked who they were and she said that the big one was me and the small one was her.
    I was insulted and touched at the same time.
    I kept it.

  10. Sort of looks like a skull. I’m not sure if I should be really intrigued by her innate sense of anatomy or be worried that she sees you as a skull with obvious shatter patterns? Either way, the girl’s got skills! 🙂

    By the way… She’s adorable! Nice work Mom and Dad!

  11. It is what it is. Don’t leave her out of the will. Don’t you remember Mommy Dearest? Do you really want the world to know her truth?!?!?! Hmmm?!?!?! Enjoy. And, come visit when you can.

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