So, I have a question for all of you, my sweet and faithful readers, because I love you THAAAT much (imagine me stretching out my arms very, very widely).

Part of the reason for my new iMac, is because I had previously messed up my lappy, an iBook G4 from 2005. And I loved that lappy ALMOST as much as I love The Internet. BUT, the screen on it is broken and I am too lazy to fix it (actually, The Daver bought me a new screen for the wrong size iBook).

It’s an expensive fix for a lappy that cost a little over a grand three years ago, and I no longer trust myself WITH a lappy (delicate is not my middle name), but if one was inclined, you could hook a monitor up to it OR fix it (The Daver tells me).

Anyone actually want the thing? I’d eBay it, but I’m a) lazy as hell (previously well documented) and b) I’d be afraid that someone would buy it and sue me or something b/c the screen is broken. I am very, very afraid of selling stuff on eBay.

The laptop has been sitting under my couch for ages, and I would really like someone to use it (if they want). If you want it, drop me a comment. BUT DON’T SUE ME BECAUSE THE SCREEN IS BROKEN OR I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE. Or help me figure out WHAT to do with it, please!?!

See how much I love you all? I’m sure I could get AT LEAST $30 from eBay 😉

And hell, if no one else wants it, maybe I’ll put it up on FreeCycle.

Anyone, anyone? Going once, going twice…

8 thoughts on “A Large Paperweight?

  1. SOLD! to the woman with a really geeky boyfriend.

    Ross wants it so bad, I thought he was going to pee his pants.

    Can we have it?

  2. I just think it’s too funny that you always want to punch someone! You make me laugh!!

    Hope Kate and Ross, like the lappy and you don’t have to travel to punch someone in the face!

  3. i was going to say i’d like to have it, but after reading the other kate’s comment on ross’s behalf? ross should get it. i don’t know who they are. but, come on, cleary ross would love it. and pet it, and hug it, and squeeze it and he will call it george.

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